He calls me wicked
and I smile –
tucking his words in my purse –
knowing I’ll look at them
when I’m not quite feeling
like myself –
when sweetness takes over
and my darkness gets swept
under a rug.
I’ll put the sugar in a corner
and scout the house for my shadow
until I find it,
and the dark is once again mine
to cherish and to grope.


*Inspired by a conversation with Oggy of Na triobloidi.(Click here to visit his blog).


(Photo by Freeimages.com)


  1. Wonderfully entertaining and naughty. A tempestuous woman blending kindness with sexual prowess. A poem whose author could only be named Rose!

    …and now for a microbe of concern…

    Couldn’t you have substituted stevia with the word sugar!!! It is so hard to help people alter current lifestyles with all y’all poets adding sugar to people already consumed with too much sugar. If the poem absolutely had to have “sugar”, then my recommendation (which for the record was given bipartisan support in the Senate and Congress as well as the President) would have been using its undercover name: C12H22O11.

    Your attention to this small detail would be appreciated in future postings. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. Dr. J, you have no idea how much I miss you when you’re not here to comment! I sigh and mope then my husband feeds me sugar, and I’m ok for awhile. Kidding! I would love to write about stevia instead of sugar, but there’s just something more sexy and forbidden in sugar that imitation sweetness just can’t achieve 😦 But know that whenever I mention sugar in my blog, I’m really thinking of stevia😉
      Thank you for your comments — I always have a fun time with your words💘

      Liked by 1 person

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