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You Won’t Let Go

  I feel you watching. Stalking and always near me – Phantom with no soul.   *This Haiku was inspired by my shadow. (Photo by Piotr Lewandowski of freeimages.com)

Monster Masquerade – Poem 20151026

Poem 20151026 (By Crow)   In the white moonlight the cat’s shadow leaps away –but where is the cat?   *Stunning and mysterious poem by Crow (Click here to visit and follow his… Continue reading

Conquering the Shadow

https://www.flickr.com/photos/atomicslaps/22017746968/in/photostream/ The dark reached for me. I laughed aloud and stood tall, so it let me be.   *Shadow photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit his blog). ❤


He calls me wicked and I smile – tucking his words in my purse – knowing I’ll look at them when I’m not quite feeling like myself – when sweetness takes over and… Continue reading