Steamy Cup


Passion stifled
like coffee
in a cup.
Nowhere to go.
Drink it down.

Cup on his crotch,
sharp exhale –
reminders of
warming touch.

Coffee drips
of lips
slick from
wet kisses.

Hot coffee
hot love
eventually cools –
cup is emptied.


*Poem was inspired by a conversation with Matt On Accident. Haha, Matt! Thank you for your sense of humor — you are very brave 😀 (Click here to visit his hilarious blog). ❤


  1. Never realized that a seat without a nearby coaster could warm an individual more effectively than a room with a fireplace. The picture certainly hides the increased vascularity of a man erecting new thoughts and ideas uncertain whether to head toward the door on the left for an afternoon of romance, or the door on the right for another cup of java? As he stands the coffee grinder is heard smashing and pulverizing a full sack of coffee beans making his hard decision much less hard. A second cup it is!

    I hope you realize your poetry entices creative thinking. Your writing is skillful on multiple levels. The words flow beautifully and the reader can “volley” back playfully. Thank you for helping me locate the right side of my brain.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I enjoy your blog so much; not only for the invaluable health information, but also for the humor and the clever way you present each post.

      I’m humbled that you take the time to read my poetry and even more touched that you come up with such incredible witticism! Your response tonight was nothing short of hilarious (love the picturesque words!).

      Thanks so much, Jon. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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