50 Word Story – Rubbed Raw


Rubbing her fetish, she hoped this overwhelming need would disappear. She felt hungry, yet it wasn’t food that would satiate her. She’d barricaded her heart years ago, but here she was pining to be held and loved. Glaring at the bars of her prison cell, she continued rubbing her fetish.

*According to ancient Native American Indian beliefs, stone animal fetishes were thought to be a source of aid to a particular person, family or tribe in a time of need. The shape of carved stone animal fetishes often determined the kind of aid a fetish would provide. (Palms Trading Company)


  1. Don’t you wonder about the loneliness people actually experience behind bars. Interestingly, the loneliness may be balanced by the enormous safety from the rest of the outside world and its daily stresses. She sounds like she is at a tipping point contemplating a renewed willingness to remove the barricades and open the doors to her heart. You can feel the stress in her glaring eyes as well as her (in my mind) aggressive rubbing of the fetish. Hope for a new beginning just may be possible given a little more time.
    One of the things I enjoy about your writing is the ability to allow the reader to easily create multiple interpretations using the same words. Not an easy task! Well done.

    My sister collects fetishes. Years ago she went to the public library to look up some information on fetishes. She googled fetishes and porn (prior to libraries using filters) appeared. The computer screen also froze. She was thoroughly embarrassed when she asked the library employee for assistance.

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    • When I wrote this poem, I did think about the isolation in a cell. I would definitely be climbing the walls!

      Aggressive rubbing; yes, I’m sure the poor girl is doing just that. lol

      Well, at least your sister is now well educated on fetishes! 😀 I would look for the most stern and prude-looking librarian to help me with my frozen porn screen!! I’d pay to see her face!

      Oh, man, hilarious!! Thanks Jon. xo

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