Lamenting Tree

Garden for Rose

The gnarled tree cried out

Remembering younger days

When its bark was smooth


*Beautiful photo by the very talented and passionate Francis of Qhapaq ❤


  1. Well, reading the word “passionate” in reference to me suddenly I feel like dressing a black tuxedo and a red rose, I only have the friendship of a sweet rose (^_-)
    I love it! it’s fantastic what the meaning in your words you gave to that picture… beautiful melancholy.
    Thank you, I’m honored and grateful for your precious gesture ☺

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  2. The gnarled tree reveals a beauty most people are unable to witness. It speaks a story about history, it reveals a strength demonstrated by its ability to have withstood the test of time, it symbolizes beauty in an abstract manner, it continues to provide oxygen to earth’s inhabitants and so much more. To look at this magnificent living structure and merely see a gnarled tree shows the limitations of those with tunnelvision.
    The tree cries out not for itself, but for the people it sees everyday unable to see more in their own lives than a gnarled future.


    • Thank you. I appreciate your candor. I find great beauty in this gnarled tree. I love poetry, because it draws out different emotions and perceptions from the readers. I feel your passion in your response. I believe that poetry is subjective and how ever way the reader or the poet interprets a poem is valid and should be respected with no need for name calling or put downs. ❤

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  3. The poem was beautiful. Please accept my apology for conveying a mixed message. My intent was to merely explain how much beauty can be seen (if desired) in an object many may scorn at. I did not mean to suggest that your interpretation lacked quality or substance. You need to remember, I’m a doctor. Most of us are terrible communicators!! ☺

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    • I actually want people to be honest in their feedback. I don’t want to be patronized. You know I enjoy a good debate. I write not to be told how beautiful my poetry is; although it’s nice to hear and who doesn’t love compliments? I would have enjoyed your take on it if you didn’t use words that, in my opinion, were condescending. Honestly, I loved your interpretation and can see why you felt that way; just didn’t have to hear that people who felt differently than you, had tunnel vision or were limited or had a gnarly future ahead of them. That was it. I accept your apology and value our friendship a great deal. Thank you, Jon.

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