Confessed his desires

His fantasies vocalized

She slapped his face twice


(Photo from depositphotos.com)


    • I’m jealous of your new photo! I wanted to pose like a badass, but I couldn’t carry it off. You nailed it! Yeah, three slaps for you then, I’m sure. What is that patch on your left sleeve? Lol. Can’t wait to hear this one 😀

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      • My other photo was a few years old, so I felt like updating it. I’m updating many other things — Halloween is coming! Haha. I have a space explorer patch on my left sleeve and a space shuttle door gunner patch toward my lower right sleeve. I also have a space lama patch, but it’s not visible.

        Let’s make it four slaps!

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        • I like it! It has a “do not mess with me” feel to it. My photo was taken in June, so I think I’m good for another few months maybe.

          Loooove Halloween! Cannot wait!!

          Do you collect cool space patches? Or are you gonna be an astronaut when you grow up? 🙂

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          • That’s my slightly pissed off, grin-like smile. I couldn’t get the composition right because I had to hit the camera timer, then run as quickly as possible, and pose for the image — in just the right spot. If I was off even the slightest, the photograph wouldn’t come out to my standards. I burned through at least 80 exposures. I almost gave up! Haha.

            Shhhhhh: I am an astronaut…don’t tell anyone!

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