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50 Word Story: Ripped

  Falling to the ground, it lands with a discernible “splat.” Initially, he thinks it’s a bird, but it lacks feathers or a beak. Realization dawns on him as it quivers – broken… Continue reading

Fifty Word Story: An Impossible Rescue

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   There it was again; a faint call for help.  Sebastian raced down the path of trees towards the cemetery.  He stopped at a tombstone. With his front paws, he… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Always Just Watching

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   She traveled these woods many times. Sometimes marveling at the pink clouds of a sunset or catching glimpses of shy rabbits but always just watching. “I must ask someone… Continue reading

Fifty Word Story -A Merciful Thief

Drawing by megaeggz   In the snow, the fox trots towards the den where his love waits. He quickens his pace. A hunter aims his rifle at the oblivious fox; recalling his wife’s… Continue reading

Fifty Word Story – An Incident on Bernard Boulevard

Photo by Graham A Stephen ( ❤   Traversing Bernard Boulevard at night, she longed to escape her loneliness.  An effulgence of light illuminated from the sky and lifted her off the pavement.… Continue reading

50 Word Story – The Spider Tree

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   The spider tree hunkered down; waiting. Squirrels looked away when footsteps on the forest floor signaled a prey. With chainsaw ready to tear down wood, the lumberjack was its… Continue reading

50 Word Story: Warm Soup & Cold Company

  A pot of potato soup warms on the stove. They eat in silence but keep eye contact. He reaches for her hand. She struggles not to cry. Pounding and breaking of glass… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Touched on Christmas

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   It’s Christmas morning, and I feel your arms encircle me. I smile; half asleep. Your hands touch me. “Cold hands!” I squeal. My eyes fly open.… Continue reading

50 Word Story: Into the Night… and your GIFT!

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   She tenderly kissed the lips that loved her beyond words and more beautifully than song. Those lips were now cold and silent. I’ll follow you into the darkness, she… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Safety at a Cost

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   He looked over the fence and saw endless grass and flowers. At a short distance, flattened against a rock, a rattle snake tasted the air with… Continue reading