50 Word Story – The Wish

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)
She closed her eyes and made a wish. Watching the fluff from the dandelion float away with the breeze. She raced back inside the house, hoping her wish had come true.

Her heart sank. No, they were both still very much dead.

Lizzie dropped her axe and paced the floor.


*Lizzie Andrew Borden (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was an American woman who was tried and acquitted for the 1892 axe murders of her father and her stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts. (Wikipedia)

*Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤



  1. I’m picturing this cute little girl hoping her goldfish are alive and instead I realize I’m reading poetry about about the zenith of domestic abuse. I kind of wish Lizzie had some goldfish to redirect her cutlery solutions.
    I wonder how many murderers have made the same wish?
    Quite a powerful writing. Well done.

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    • Fascinating question, Dr. J. I’m not sure Lizzie had a conscience, but I hope so. I do wonder about the real monsters out there… do they question anything they do? I appreciate your well thought through comments — I reflect and contemplate what you say. ❤

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