Sibling Rivalry


He stared. She stared back.

One donut left on the plate.

The race had begun.

* Photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit & follow his blog).


  1. The race for what?… high cholesterol?, arterial plaque?, chemical toxicity? I could have saved these children. What’s that… do I hear Satan calling your name? This is not a choice for children for they do not know the dark side of the donut!
    I’m sorry, I was emotionally caught up in the moment. Couldn’t you have offered these children a better option like reading the poem, “The Wish” by Rose? (Did I just expose my dark side?)

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    • A treat once in awhile is okay! You even say this on your blog. Satan always calls my name, the bastard! I write, then he leaves me alone for awhile. Lol. Yes, “The Wish” will be coming out soon as a children’s book… in the shape of an axe, of course!

      I know you have a dark side. I’ve seen it, remember? 🙂

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