50 Word Story – Not Me

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)


She cowered against the fence while others around her screamed. She remained calm and hopeful. Take her, him or them, she prayed quietly, but not me. Unfortunately, her unusual manner made her stick out among the throng. Grabbed by the neck, the quiet turkey was brought to the slaughter house.

Β Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! πŸ—πŸ’–πŸ—

*Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❀

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  1. Once again I was fooled by the tricky ending. The good news is (after spending hours investigating this story) I discovered the individual who chose this turkey because she “stood out among the throng” was none other than the town chiropractor. Why did she stand out you ask? A restless evening resulted in an acute case of torticollis. Fortunately the chiropractor had a portable adjusting table in the slaughterhouse where he applied a Gonstead adjustment correcting the segmental dysfunction that was found between C5 and C6 restoring full range of motion to our Turkey. After making this correction and freeing all nerve interference he celebrated by having her accompany him to a lovely vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner. I love a story with a happy ending!! πŸ™‚

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  2. TG is our most philosophical holiday. Once upon a time, there was a wary turkey who hid whenever the farmer approached. Day after day, the farmer would put a handful of yummy grain on a stump and leave. The turkey would come out and eat the grain. Eventually, the turkey saw a pattern, made an inductive inference, and concluded that the farmer was a benefactor rather than a threat. On a Wednesday in late November, the turkey say the farmer coming and happily trotted over to the stump.


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