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Three Haiku Poems -Surreal Cerebral

Illustration by Poet Rummager   Inspired by Joan Miro’s Tapestry Hypnotic color. Illusions behind your eyes. Imagine a world. Miro, take my hand. Paint me where purple horses leap through dimensions. In glittery… Continue reading

Fifty Words Story – Burn

This short story was inspired by Dru’s lovely post, She’ll be Right With You. !!! Click HERE to visit Dru !!! Photo by Patrizia Schiozzi of freeimages.com I felt her presence like a smoldering fire.… Continue reading

Repressed Memory

Photograph by Andy Smart   The ghost in my head – knocks on doors and clears cobwebs. I’m not dead, it says.   Sigmund Freud developed a psychological theory about the nature of… Continue reading

Five Haiku Poems: Balance

Image by Jiang Daohua | Dreamstime.com Nobody who is always gloomy can stay sane. Set your laughter free. Allow happiness to handspring into your grin – spreading joy within. Nobody who is always… Continue reading


Illustration by Rose Perez Desert in my heart – parched and barren without you. Let me drink of love.

Fifty Words Story – Thief

Photo by Jenny Rollo of freeimages.com They stared at each other. She started to cry, and he made a move towards her but didn’t even know her name. “Thief!” She sobbed, grasping her… Continue reading

Winter Succumbs

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   Frozen nights with our bodies enwrapped. The frost outside scratches; scarring the glass. In our bedroom, two sparks ignite one flame. The ice gazes in at the fire we’ve… Continue reading

Riding Accident

  Behind the bike shed, he professed his love to her as his *condom broke.   *condom is a bike term which means: n. the little plastic or rubber thing that protects your… Continue reading

If You Dare

Photo by Derrick J. Knight   Love is a closed door to be pushed open if you dare. Mired in confusion – suspended in air. Free falling and blind, you give your heart… Continue reading