Repressed Memory

Photograph by Andy Smart img_20841


The ghost in my head –

knocks on doors and clears cobwebs.

I’m not dead, it says.


Sigmund Freud developed a psychological theory about the nature of unconscious mental processes. He keyed the term repression to describe how emotionally traumatic events could be blocked from ones consciousness so their devastating effects wouldn’t be experienced.


!!! Photograph by Andy Smart. Click HERE to visit and follow his blog !!!


  1. Short and profound.
    (If that makes the ghost happy, fine with me. We can discuss the knocking part though, but the help with the cobwebs is precious. I too block a lot of everything…)
    Peace to all, whatever way it comes

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    • Haha! I can’t stand it when ghosts knock, and you answer the door, and there’s only the wind. You’re right, Inese, when they clean cobwebs, it’s great; especially when they’re high up on the ceiling!

      Thank you — hoping for the best!! xoxo

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      • Oh I know! I have got two major paranormal happenings in my apartment this month. Don’t know either it is just a Halloween-related activity, or I have got a permanent roommate 😦 xxxx


          • Oh Rose, I don’t know if I want to share that… The only thing I can tell – it is about moving heavy objects, that 100% wasn’t done by me, and I live alone. Not any object, but the one I immediately noticed, that makes me think the ghost is trying to tell me something. We will see.

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            • Oh, wow! Better not let any heavy people visit for awhile — that would be scary if they get picked up all of a sudden 😦 I wonder what the ghost is trying to tell you? Well, I shall send you some powerful juju to help calm the spirits, Inese: ⍟ ❥ ツ ღ ☻

              Much love — I’m sure they know what a kind heart you have and only want to be near your radiance. ❤

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              • You are so very kind, Rose ❤ No need for the juju yet – hopefully we will sort it out mutually.
                No heavy people, I wouldn't put them in danger 🙂
                My first thought was I started sleepwalking and doing all those things, but it is very unlikely, people don't start sleepwalking in my age all of a sudden. And I wouldn't be doing the same thing all over again. I am living in this 150 year old house two years. Probably it is the time to move out 🙂 xx

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  2. It is true that our minds has the capacity to either remember or forget the experiences we want to remember or forget..while it is also a wonder at how our minds protecta us from remembering traumatic events and experiences.


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