Photo by –FlyTrapMan–

He whispered in her dreams.
As she stirred, hearing his words,
she reached out for him.
Fingers brushed against the snow,
collected on his arms.
You’re cold, she shivered –
moving close to give him warmth.
The heat from her embrace
thawed his resistance.
Water drenched his face.
Oh, no, you’re melting!
She touched his soaked cheeks –
shocked and disbelieving.
It’s my fault, he sighed.
I shouldn’t have stayed so long,
but as you dreamed, you smiled.
No chance of walking away
when my heart’s no longer
a frozen block of ice.
He kissed her as he liquefied
into a puddle on her rug.
Ah, I’ll miss your icicle,
Jack Frost, my love.

!!! Photograph by FlyTrapMan (Click HERE to visit and follow his blog) !!!

 !!! Click HERE to join the fun of an open mic over at Crow’s !!!


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