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Jeans faded like memories. Blue is the color she wears. Love unravels in her pocket. Torn smiles impossible to repair. The buttons hang by a thread. She won’t think to mend any and… Continue reading

Rico, My Gentle Warrior Rabbit

In your eyes lived gentleness; a quiet power. Many underestimate its strength. Rest in peace, my gentle warrior rabbit, Rico (2008-2017). 💖 Wasn’t he handsome?   Okay, I’m forewarning you that my voice is *really*… Continue reading

Three Haiku Poems -Surreal Cerebral

Illustration by Poet Rummager   Inspired by Joan Miro’s Tapestry Hypnotic color. Illusions behind your eyes. Imagine a world. Miro, take my hand. Paint me where purple horses leap through dimensions. In glittery… Continue reading

I Sky You

  My poem and drawing were inspired by Frida Kahlo’s quote: Can one invent verbs? I want to tell you one: I sky you, so my wings extend so large to love you… Continue reading

Three Haiku Poems – Transparency

Weeping are for panes. They say windows of the soul are like irises. Look into my eyes. Reflection of you mirrored onto all I see. The rain on windows now dried as your… Continue reading

Six Words Story: Forever

Illustration by Poet Rummager Forever mine. I keep him handcuffed. My six word story was inspired by Karina Pinella’s fabulous post, The Devil’s Command. Click HERE to visit and follow her blog!!

Ode to Lillian

Illustrated by Poet Rummager   No words can she say, yet those brown eyes gaze my way – love unfaltering.   This haiku poem is dedicated to Sheldon Kleeman and his lovely fur… Continue reading

Secrets Submerged

Galene Illustration by Poet Rummager   In the deepest part of the ocean, are secrets left unseen – surrounded by waters no human will ever swim.   Galene, do you hear me as… Continue reading


Illustration by Poet Rummager Scylla found him half drowned in the ocean blue – unconscious and badly bruised. In a darkened, dank cave, she kept vigil by his side – whispering reassuring words;… Continue reading

Hunger Growls

Illustration by Poet Rummager     Stealthy, in tall grass, she waits as her hunger growls. Deer appear. She leaps.       To read about another equally lethal tiger, be sure to… Continue reading