Three Haiku Poems – Transparency

Illustration by Poet Rummager

Weeping are for panes.
They say windows of the soul
are like irises.

Look into my eyes.
Reflection of you mirrored
onto all I see.

The rain on windows
now dried as your sun shines warmth –
Love’s transparency.


Haiku poems by Kelley Rose and Poet Rummager

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    • Thank you, darling! Yes, #2 and #3 are mine. Kelley Rose’s lovely haiku, #1 was the catalyst. Thank you so much for the Twitter shout out, Inese! 💋 Do you like Twitter? Has it been successful for you? I’ll need to try it out, but I’m not into social media.

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      • Rose, I am on twitter, but only formally since all I do is retweet other blogs, and also my new posts are set up to retweet as I publish them. Once a month I go there and follow back people who I think is OK to follow back, and that is it. I don’t see how it helps me, really, but I opened twitter and pinterst in 2014 when I started blogging. Nothing happens there until you get your first thousand followers. Then Twitter takes you more seriously. I don’t care though. Most of followers are suspicious’web developers’, and other unwanted public. I only follow back wordpress folks, generally. I retweet the tweets I like, and block the ‘followers’ who compromise quality of my account. That’s the story. Waste of time if you ask me.

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  1. I like them all, Rose, but I think the last one is my favorite one too. (This seems to be a common opinion on this thread.) The poem seemed optimistic to me, with the rain all gone and a renewed clarity brought back by the warmth of love. That’s what it made me think of anyway. 😀

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  2. Hi! How are you? I follow your blog because it is very interesting and inspiring. I really love it. How’s your day going? I hope we could be friends. I can’t wait to read your upcoming blog post. Have a good day ahead!


    • It can be interpreted any way you’d like. I read it as weeping are for panes as rain on windows or tears if you hear panes as “pains.”

      “Windows of the soul are like irises” again has a double meaning for me: irises control the amount of light and darkness that enters our eyes so how we view the world defines who we are — how much light or darkness do we feed our souls? Also, irises are flowers, and in Greek mythology, the goddess, Iris, created the flowers as links between heaven and earth.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to pick apart the haiku. You know I love your thoughts.

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      • Still baffled. Maybe Kelley Rose would be kind enough to help me? Here is more detail on line 1 in #1.

        I get that the idea in
                Panes are for weeping.
        is an apt metaphorical description of windblown rain on a window. I get the panes/pains pun. What I don’t get is how anybody with that idea in their head could put the wording of
                Weeping are for panes.
        on their page, either by accident or design.

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  3. I enjoyed reading rhe haikus and would actually wanted to guess which one you wrote; but as i read through all the comments..behold!! Everyone’s guessing…lol..
    I love the poems ans i enjoyed reading the comments as have brilliant followers ..

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  4. It’s really original how you make a cycle out of your haiku. A traditional form, where each poem should stand on its own. They do, but each one strengthens the next and the next one refers to the first. It’s an improvement, and done so well.

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  5. Quiet deep and intense!!Loved it
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