Rico, My Gentle Warrior Rabbit

Illustration by Poet Rummager

In your eyes lived gentleness; a quiet power.

Many underestimate its strength.

Rest in peace,Β my gentle warrior rabbit, Rico (2008-2017).Β πŸ’–


Wasn’t he handsome?


Okay, I’m forewarning you that my voice is *really* annoying in this video, so I suggest that you turn off the sound. “Candy”Β is in reference to dried cranberries that Rico absolutely went nuts over.


    • Thanks for always! Rico was magic. He would accompany me to some nutrition classes I used to teach kids, and we’d talk about herbivores. He was never mean. Ah, your words mean a lot, my Irish pal. xo

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  1. My white one, when I was a kid, weighted over 17lbs. He was also a gentle warrior and chased away several dogs until one was just to mean to intimidate and conquer.

    I’m sad for you but happy too my Poet. Sad he is gone but happy you got to meet him.

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      • He was fixed too because at about a year he started trying to hump the catz. Probably not as gentle as yours in the long run; but you should have seen him hopping up the stairs to my room. Front view was cute but back was hysterical. My mother ran over his cage at about 6 months, I was cleaning it and left it in the driveway to dry, after that, he had full reign. My dad Hateded! him. ~~dru~~

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        • Haha! Yeah, Rico was fixed at about 9 months. He was getting too close to our female cat πŸ˜€ All right…. full reign is the best if you can get the buns litter trained. Rico would make his room messy if he thought I wasn’t paying enough attention to him.

          I adopted my daughter’s rabbit, Lou, who is 3 years old. She couldn’t have any pets where she lived. My husband is not happy about that, but I keep saying that this is THE last bunny we’re ever gonna take in. He is litter trained extremely well and has already taken to sleeping on Rico’s daybed.

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    • Much appreciated, Karina. xo He was a rescue bun, and I would’ve never thought to have a rabbit, but the circumstance presented itself, and Rico pretty much was dropped into my lap. My, did you live by a butcher or something? 😦

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        • Sorry, I don’t mean any disrespect, Karina, it’s just that your pets passed away so quickly. I was trying to wrap my head around that. My friends lost their cats due to a neighbor who killed them when they’d get into his yard. Was that what happened to your pets?

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          • I kinda figured that’s what you meant. I was just funnin’ wit u. Actually, those incidents were far in between. The half-day incident was when I was very young, my siblings and I never had a pet so our father brings home this Chihuahua and it scared us, as well as repulsed some of us and we said we didn’t want it. Months later, we had a bird in a birdcage outside and a fee days later, a cat ate. Fast forward to years later when I’m grown up with kids. Since I never really had a pet (except for the occasional goldfish that ended up six feet under eventually) I told my daughter we can get her a gerbil so we went to a pet store and bought a gerbil and all the stuff to make the gerbil happy. Two weeks later, when my daughter did her morning routine of greeting her gerbil, she found it as stiff as my ironing board. After a few months of grieving, she decides to try having a hamster. Back to the pet store we went and bought a hamster she bonded with and all the stuff to make the hamster happy. I ended up cleaning the cage every week because she was always too busy to play with her pet. After I saw how it was playing out, with me becoming the surrogate owner, I said, Yo, enough is enough. I’m no doormat. Play with your pet or give it up for adoption. So, we went back to the pet store and asked if we could place our pet for adoption at their place. They said yes. Someone who lives hamsters adopted her because this person had a bedroom just for her hamsters. She had a little hamster community going on. She seemed like a sincere person, who really loves hamsters,so we gave her the hamster. So, there is no Lizzie Borden lurking in our area, we are just not good caretakers of animals.

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  2. I know these losses in our lives are so heavy as we share our lives even more than with friends, so it’s a familiar bond. And it’s clear he made you happier and you too to him (I think he loved so much your voice) I hope this scar heals soon, dear Rose.

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  3. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Rico. Pets are family members and it pains us so to lose them. I remember when my cat passed. I cried for days. I missed him so much. Now we have a Shitzu pup who is ten years old. I pray she lives for more years. Losing her would devastate me.

    Rico was adorable in the video. Your voice didn’t annoy me. πŸ’ πŸ’š 🐰


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