Ode to Lillian

Illustrated by Poet Rummager


No words can she say,

yet those brown eyes gaze my way –

love unfaltering.


This haiku poem is dedicated to Sheldon Kleeman and his lovely fur bean, Lillian. Be happy, dear Provoker! Click HERE to visit and follow him!!



    • Thanks! You’ll let me be? What are you saying? Are you trying to hurt me, because that would wound me deeply if you left me. Ha! I’m sorry; I know I haven’t been responsive lately, Sin. A lot of stuff has been happening.

      I’ll visit late tonight.

      Please don’t let me be. xo

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      • No worries, it is fine. A lot has been (and is still) happening on this end. Our Labor Day weekend is pretty much screwed, but we will make do anyways and have fun, because I am a rebellious one!

        Oh yeah, and I would never let you be completely, I just felt like a long ramble might be coming and I didn’t want to do that even though I know you are cool with that. I hope things get better for you or work out with whatever you may be dealing with.

        I’m actually no longer sick for the first time in forever (still cough at night, but that is allergies). So YAY! Your good juju works! I’ll send some your way too. (Or should I? Just realized, what if it’s infected with some disease or sickness?)

        Mmmmm….what else, oh yeah, you brought the ramble on! Xp Oh and no need to visit, you take care of you. You’re always welcome in Black Winter (something tells me you can handle yourself), and it will always be here when you wish to visit it. Deal with life and stuff.

        Anywho, I’m sleepy and my wife said she might bring home a giant delicious burrito! Normally we’d just make food (homemade because it’s awesome) but, we are exhausted. So I’m going to go.

        Cheers! ^_^

        P.S.- Thanks for letting me ramble. I can’t help it (which is ironic when you consider I’m hellishly shy and quiet in real life).

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        • Hahaha! Now I remember why I stopped visiting. I’m kidding! I LOVE when you ramble; it helps me forget my sorrows. I’m being melodramatic. 😀

          So glad you’re all better! That’s cute that Mrs. Sin will bring you a giant burrito. I looooove giant burritos! 🙂

          I’ll visit Black Winter, too. I like that name!

          I can’t imagine you being quiet and shy in person, but I think most bloggers can be like that.

          Thanks for not giving up on me. I’ll be okay. I’m a strong nut case — titanium, baby! Rest well… ❤

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          • May you rest as well. We are all insane! (So no worries there) My wife is amazing! Oh yeah, that reminds me…..

            You thought I was going to ramble. 😉

            Get some rest and I hope everything works out for all involved.

            Cheers! ^_^

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  1. Such a sweet doggy! These brown eyes look like a Universe 🙂 Great drawing, Rose, as usual. By the way, your drawings are so inspiring that I want to draw something myself when I get home, and then share in a blog.

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