Secrets Submerged

Galene Illustration by Poet Rummager


In the deepest part of the ocean,

are secrets left unseen –

surrounded by waters

no human will ever swim.


Galene, do you hear me

as I walk the gritty shores?

My thoughts drifting in the breeze –

forging ripples in the sea.


Keep my secrets submerged

in your cimmerian world.


*Galene is the Greek goddess of calm seas.

**Cimmerian: 1. Mythical nomadic Greeks or ancient people who lived in perpetual mist and darkness near the land of the dead. 2. can also mean very dark and gloomy: deep.

Thanks for the definition reminder, Lady Sol! – Click HERE to visit and follow her blog!

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  1. Great poem as ever, Rose. I’ve got to wonder what secrets are lurking down there deep at the bottom of the ocean. My first thought is that we need Wikileaks to release all the juicy details, but then I realized that if we’re talking about an entire ocean, that’s a lot of leaking.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I felt the calmness of the sea as i read it ..there is solitude in each syllable…..ahhh this is just what we need…a moment to be silent amidst the chaos of the modern world….
    And oh by the i am happy that you have included the greek goddess galene in your, being a literature teacher is glad to see that..

    Liked by 3 people

  3. The very idea that thoughts can make ripples, make me smile. I always wonder how you come up with phrases that immediately portrays a picture before my eyes…
    Wonderfullly penned, as always, dear…and ‘cimmerian’ is a new word for me…thank you… 🙂 ❤

    Have a great weekend… 🙂


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