Katydid Leaves – A Poetic Journey

*Book cover by –FlyTrapMan–

Join us on this spellbinding journey…

In a forest, lives a leaf who dreams of being free. One magical night, her wish comes true. Laugh, gasp and cry as you explore this captivating and dark forest – brimming with life and death. Tag along with Katy on her amazing journey; filled with adventure and true friendship! You’ll meet other inhabitants of these woods and see sights that will startle and enchant you.

Grab a hold of Katy’s wing, and away we’ll fly!

This ebook has forty-nine poems by Poet Rummager, Rose Perez (thirty-five are haiku). All the poems appearing in the book are original and have not ventured outside of these treacherous woods.

There are over forty-five vibrant and beautiful photographs by FlyTrapMan, Matt Childs.

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