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Out of the Dark

Remember me as flowers Pushing their way out of the dark To find warmth in the sun’s embrace I recently lost someone very dear to me, and my pen has once again become… Continue reading

Cyber Seas

I’ll send you my best thoughts and be kind. Your shadows I’ll tuck away. I don’t know how to ease your mind, or what words I can possibly say. Yet, here we can… Continue reading


Jeans faded like memories. Blue is the color she wears. Love unravels in her pocket. Torn smiles impossible to repair. The buttons hang by a thread. She won’t think to mend any and… Continue reading

A Fragment

He gave her a fragment of his heart. She looked at it in mild surprise. It’s so small; barely a crumb. Is this all I mean to you?   The corners of her… Continue reading


Rushing waterfalls pour from the tranquil lake. I, in a frenzy, deep breath you call me – whispering let go, let go I’ll catch you – here in my arms where it’s calm.… Continue reading


  Feel my heart palpitate as it climbs up my throat – choking my breath. I’m in a crowd, and I feel undressed. Vulnerable – scared out of my head. My social anxiety… Continue reading


Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   Do you glitter inside – thinking bright thoughts and happiness? Or are you darkness in your soul – stashing sins in pockets or suitcases?   Shimmery sunshine smiles for… Continue reading

The Ghost and the Writer

  The ghost leaned in watching as she wrote dark words that spilled from her world – filling the white pages with bleakness. No hope, she mouthed the words. The tears fell then;… Continue reading


Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)   In a crowd, he shines yet, he doesn’t know. The monsters in his head just won’t let him go.   I tell him of his brilliance… Continue reading

Without You

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)   By myself, I flew. Yet, I never could quite soar being without you.   *Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow his… Continue reading