Photo by –FlyTrapMan–



Do you glitter inside –

thinking bright thoughts and happiness?

Or are you darkness in your soul –

stashing sins in pockets or suitcases?


Shimmery sunshine smiles for all to see –

yet when alone, are you handcuffed to your grief?

The crescent moon grins in the night sky –

yet the gloom it wears, is visible to the naked eye.


Glitter and radiate in the warm sun –

if that’s what you must do to function.

When the door shuts and night descends –

Take off your mask. With me, you needn’t pretend.


Photograph by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤


  1. Too many people feel the need to wear two faces in life. It utilizes more of one’s energy typically without the reward of happiness and satisfaction. I see the message in this poem frequently. At what age in life do we take on this responsibility to morph with our surroundings. Children find great joy in creating their own reality. Adults take great joy in watching children play in this manner. What causes the disconnect that makes people become structured personalities rather than remaining free to be themselves? I like the way you end the poem. You provide personal salvation to all those in need. For me, this was a powerful poem. Thank you for sharing it!

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    • Hmm. Interesting. I think my persona in the bedroom with my husband is much different than the one I share at church (not that I go there often), but I can certainly see where I’d tone down the moaning a bit 😜

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  2. Ahhh — the grinning crescent moon — a very rare astronomical phenomenon! The moon is usually quite sad and tends to frown.

    Nice poem! Personally, I would have thought you preferred the red glitter (or the purple).

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    • Well, you’d know about the moon, wouldn’t you? I think it smiles to hide its gloom. It doesn’t like the stars feeling sorry for it. 🌜 By the way, didn’t you see the lunar moon cycle I posted for you in my comment line in my “I Melt” poem?

      You’re right… I would’ve preferred your red ones, but my poem needed glitter to match the words “shimmery sunshine smiles.” All that glitters isn’t gold, but in this case, yeah, it was 🙂 I’m sure I’ll use the red one of these days.

      Where’d you get all the lovely glitter?

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