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Haiku Poems: Grip (For Samantha)

I’ll be your mermaid – swimming into the deepest depths of your blue sea. Your current pulls me. Like tentacles of a squid, you enwrap and grip. Excitement tingles – sharp stings from… Continue reading

A Ship Waits

Image by Lemanshots   A ship waits for me anchored to the moon. The breeze impatiently tugs at the sails. Waves sweep into shore and out to sea. Whales of Jupiter implore my… Continue reading

Once You Go Dark…

Book Trailer by FlyTrapMan   –A FEW WORDS FROM FLYTRAPMAN — Invisible darkness swirls between the stars. Galactic tendrils grasp upon nebulous evil hands—forever binding humanity inside a black sea of unknown. Something… Continue reading

Book Trailer: “Katydid Leaves” by FlyTrapMan

*Brilliant film is under three minutes long and was created by multi-talented monster director, –FlyTrapMan–

Katydid Leaves – A Poetic Journey

*Book cover by –FlyTrapMan– Join us on this spellbinding journey… In a forest, lives a leaf who dreams of being free. One magical night, her wish comes true. Laugh, gasp and cry as… Continue reading

Night Travels

Somber words floating, stretching and seeking the veiled recesses of my heart. The chambers sealed shut, preventing light’s touch where aphotic thoughts reign as kings. Sight of night skies makes the blood flow… Continue reading