A Ship Waits

Image by Lemanshots



A ship waits for me anchored to the moon.

The breeze impatiently tugs at the sails.

Waves sweep into shore and out to sea.

Whales of Jupiter implore my name.

I’ll glide on cosmic clouds

and across immense galaxies.

There are planets to explore

far away and perilous.

In the darkness, I shall travel

stealthily, so as not to awaken Erebus.


*Whales of Jupiter is a joke pertaining to Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede which scientists say contains a salty ocean with more water than Earth.

*Erebus is the Greek god of darkness

Image by Lemanshots (Click HERE to visit and follow her blog).


      • Did you take it off a few minutes ago? Because I was still able to listen to the audio about 20 minutes ago. Well…poetry is supposed to be recited, right? So it wasn’t a bad idea. I don’t think the audio took anything away from the written expression, but I understand your decision.

        The solar system contains many secrets!

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  1. Sometimes I read a poem and copy and paste words I don’t understand to look them up later (I do this a lot with your poetry which I enjoy, because I always learn new things). I also hope others learn new things from my writing, as well. I appreciate your visits and comments!


  2. I loved this poem, Rose, and I really loved your reading of it. I’m so glad you didn’t remove the audio as you threatened to do above. That would have been terribly sad because you have such a beautiful speaking voice. Without your audio, the only way to have heard your poem aloud would have been for me to read it myself. Believe me, that would not have enhanced the experience. (Imagine your poem being read by one of the Muppets.)

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