I Followed


 🎡 🎢

I followed you as if in a daze –
this control you had over my brain.
An invisible leash conjoining
you to me; no one could break.
The moon peeked through the trees –
a sinister smile she didn’t conceal.
Could there be danger here?
The wind breathed through my hair –
whispering into my ears, beware.
Yet my steps never tottered.
My heart never quivered.
My trust in you, an absolute.
I marched on to your song
until the very last beat
when my soul no longer
belonged to me.
I, the prisoner
of the Pied Piper.

🎡 🎢🎡

The story of the Pied Piper is based on factual events in 1284 when in Hamelin, Germany, the town had suffered from rat infestation. A piper promised to end the infestation in return for a payment. True to his word, he led the rats away with his music, but the townspeople reneged on their promise to pay him. The vengeful piper returned late one night and persuaded the town’s children to follow him. He and the youths were never seen or heard from again.

Read more here: http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/disturbing-true-story-pied-piper-hamelin-001969#sthash.2Czr1ngz.dpuf

(Photo by Tvrtko Stuka of freeimages.com)


    • The Pied Piper is quite a story! I recently attended a birthday party, and someone referred to him. I hadn’t heard of him for awhile. He wouldn’t leave my mind after that, so here he is! Thanks Scooj, your comments are always insightful. 😘

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  1. Seriously awesome piece! I love how my initial interpretation was way off, and the history lesson is great and creepy as hell…???! I felt my mind break a little while reading this, and I love that, great work

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  2. I loved the twist at the end. I didn’t see it coming at all. In the version of the story I read as a child, all the children were taken inside a mountain and lived there in a huge, beautiful garden. I remember wishing I could go there too because it looked so much better than going to school.

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