Crow Thief

*Photo by –FlyTrapMan–


The crow stole the bread

from the girl’s plate, and she cried,

“Give it back!” – He laughed.

Crows are highly intelligent.


*Photo of crow with bread by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit & follow his blog).


  1. Great stuff. Crows are more intelligent than most dogs (and most people). They can recognise human faces and remember them for years. Some of them can even mimic human speech. I feed them because I love them, and also because their presence makes my neighbours angry.

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  2. A crow’s beak is very versatile — it could be used to pierce, puncture, manipulate, and a variety of other tasks, which most specialized birds simply can’t accomplish. You can determine quite a bit from the way a bird’s beak is shaped. Short, stubby beaks are great for busting open seeds, while a long, tapered beak is great for fishing.

    Not only is a crow clever, but they also have a multi-tooled beak \”/….which makes them even more clever.

    Further reading:

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