The Lion in Me

Photo by Graham A Stephen (



The lion in me roared
when you got too close.
Your hands out to touch me.
I snapped, and you pulled back.

It’s okay, you whispered.
Your voice shook,
so I knew you were spooked.
Yet, you kept inching closer.

The lion in me scratched –
I marked you.
Red lines across your back.
I was surprised; you didn’t fight.

Trust me, you begged.
Retract your claws.
I won’t hurt you, you said.
Your eyes met mine; steadfast.

The lion in me retreated.
In the corner, I surrendered –
purring as you stroked me.
Yet, one claw is always ready.


*Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤


  1. You are like a fine compost. (I know…everyone says wine…) As it ages and ripens it provides the soil everything necessary to grow its seeds into the perfect produce. Your poetry is becoming more refined and reaching deeper into your readers providing wonderful imagery and emotions. It is a pleasure to sit back and watch you and your writing grow!
    This was an excellent piece of work.

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  2. I have always wanted to be like fine compost! Thank you very much!! Lol, You’re charming; please sit back and watch me whenever you’d like 😀 Seriously, your words are poetry to me. Truly and thank you always! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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