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Came upon a fork On the road so now I can Eat my spaghetti


The grumpy gargoyle Sat in the rain, soaked and sad Guarding churches sucks

Tucked Deep

In a cottage house tucked in the woods, just he hears her climaxing screams.


Music to her lips Clutching his harmonica Up and down she goes

A Gift

Unwrap me, she said He did, but afterwards thought Can I return this?


My dentist loves me Cavities from your kisses Much too sweet a treat   ***This haiku was inspired by Dr. Jonathan Neal Colter’s latest post on The Benefits of Sugar. Click here to read… Continue reading

For Breakfast

Don’t give me your heart I’ll devour it with pancakes And maple syrup

Mad Love

 (Photo from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior) I first saw you in the corner store buying a pack of cigarettes dressed in black and looking like Mad Max. You smiled at me,… Continue reading


Needing you invades My thoughts and the hunger grows I want pizza now

Prince Pervert

The sleeping princess Makes prince crave more than a kiss Chaperoned visits