Needing you invades

My thoughts and the hunger grows

I want pizza now


  1. I do exactly that, have longings & then all I want is pizza. And I do love PB&J sandwiches. No crusts, Never tried the two together, Not an impossible imagining, though. Add a cheeseburger to the list and I would be completely happy with the menu.

    Love your poem. I really do feel that way. The inner longing. My muse has been calling me to start writing about desire and longing. A way of working through the mysteries of love and life. Imaginary characters I am drawn to. They want, no, they demand I write their stories. Now. I want nothing more than to let them out of my head.

    I love the twists you take in your writing. Lovely painting to go with Haiku. jk πŸ™‚

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      • Yes, in my poems, I will always keep desire amongst the Muse’s wishes. But also, I am referring to the novel I am reworking & continuing on into the sequel, written but needs the characters words. Those characters, I speak of are banging at the door to get out. It is getting rather noisy. Now I must find the invisible time & get it grow in length so I have enough.

        The Muse is calling. I can feel it in my bones.

        Love the closing design in your comment. How did you create it?

        Have a Great day. jk πŸ˜€

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