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50 Word Story – Toxic

I returned to him. I always did. A toxic and intoxicating love. I shiver now; thinking of how he’d bend me over and slap my bottom until it was as red as Father… Continue reading

Vengeful Ghost

She woke; now a ghost Unseen. Floating. Snickering I’ll visit my ex (Photo from depositphotos.com)

Haiku Police

He slapped his face hard 5-7-5! Mel’s shouting Fine! I’ll rewrite it This haiku was inspired by Mellow Curmudgeon (Barry K Rosen) who is nothing short of a haiku guru. He also has… Continue reading

Dirty Gin

Ice cubes in the drink she gives him. They float and clink in the dirty gin. With his finger, he traces the side of her hip. A faint hint of danger he tastes… Continue reading

Beckoning Moon

  Full moon beckons him; White alabaster roundness. Nice butt, he whispers. Haiku usually appear without punctuation marks at the end of each line, but I added a semicolon and threw in a… Continue reading


Angel in the light When darkness falls, a demon Writhing in his bed   (Photo from istockphotos.com)


Another day of work. It’s a quarter past three. She peers into the mirror. Who is she? Have her eyes always been cold; her expression so blank? She does what she’s told. Is… Continue reading

Trompe de Chasse

He blew the French Horn With lips that kissed me. Superb Two finger placement   *Photo from ebay.com


Texting him all night, She didn’t know he was in Her bedroom closet   *GIF from http://www.smoothfm.com.au

Nuclear Breakfast

  Eggs from Chernobyl Excited to try. Exude Pulsating colors   Thank you, Josh, for the use of your amazing animation! xo, Rose ***Click here to experience MegaEggz’ off the wall animation, art,… Continue reading