Texting him all night,

She didn’t know he was in

Her bedroom closet


*GIF from


  1. There he stood in the closet waiting all night with baited breathe for her to text her decision whether or not he was “The One.” In her excitement (according to the looping picture) all she was able to do was press the send button over and over. Leaving the contact name and a message absent from the text, nothing was sent from her phone. As he stared at his phone with a tear in his eye waiting for the ringer to announce a decision had been reached, emptiness filled his heart. As he came out of the closet, a new sense of relief overcame his emotions. Once the door opened he realized for the first time in his life he was truly coming out of the closet. He proceeded to walk by her without a word and directly into her brother’s room… (where the story con’t…)

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  2. Wanna know what really happened? Her repetitive motion injury from manic texting flared up suddenly. Hearing her scream in pain, he forgot his evil intentions and dashed out of the closet to comfort her. She panicked, threw her phone at him, and hit him smack in the eye. Seeing him collapse in agony, she forgot her fear and rushed over to comfort him. Thus began an affectionate 3-way relationship: woman with sore arm; man with sore eye; big bottle of Tylenol.

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