Into Gray

Photograph by Rich Finck – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!   Clouds drifting over blue skies transform a vibrant day into gray. Love, that once was spring, with new buds… Continue reading

In Your Blue

Photograph by Scooj – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!   Floating in your blue – quickening pulses race through me with thoughts of you.   My haiku (above) was inspired… Continue reading

Ode to Lillian

Illustrated by Poet Rummager   No words can she say, yet those brown eyes gaze my way – love unfaltering.   This haiku poem is dedicated to Sheldon Kleeman and his lovely fur… Continue reading

Six Words Story: Don’t Invite Demons!

Collage Art By Poet Rummager At dinner, the devil steals soles. *Sole is a fish belonging to several families. Generally speaking, they are members of the family Soleidae, but, outside Europe, the name… Continue reading

Five Haiku Poem: I Soar

Photograph by FlyTrapMan – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!   There’s a storm inside. Heart palpitates rapidly- breathless and dizzy.   Tornado grasps me. My feet off the floor, I… Continue reading

Anonymous Me

  Don’t get to know me. Let’s just smile across the room. It’s safer this way.   (Photo by Michael Khozyaikin of

Secrets Submerged

Galene Illustration by Poet Rummager   In the deepest part of the ocean, are secrets left unseen – surrounded by waters no human will ever swim.   Galene, do you hear me as… Continue reading

Five Haiku Poem: Sharp Petals

Photograph by FlyTrapMan – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!   I grow sharp petals – keeping them honed to prevent love from burgeoning.   Give me lust lilies and wanton,… Continue reading


Photo by Gokhan Okur of   You want only me despite my coldness. No softness do I convey. You keep me close – stroking me in endless foreplay. When I’m empty, I… Continue reading


  Footsteps echoing. Dirt trudged through once pristine parts of my cranium.  👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣   👣 Sullied… Continue reading