Six Haiku Poems: Thou Shalt Not Steal

Illustration by Poet Rummager

I grabbed the apple.
From the neighbor’s tree, it hung-
too ripe to ignore.

I see you there, thief.
Mr. Jones’ silhouette flinched.
He grasped his cane tight.

En av brødrene til Miguel Nuñez slapper av hjemme hos seg selv
Photograph by Otto von Münchow

Oh, this juicy treat!
Where can I conceal my sin?
My mouth whispered, Here.

Parted my mouth wide
with tongue wrapped around the orb.
The snake in me cheered.

Enlight88 (1)

Slid down my throat whole –
enlarged my Adams Apple.
Damn that Granny Smith.

I heard my skull crack.
Mr. Jones wiped his cane clean.
No more stealing fruits!

Haiku poems by Karina Pinella and Poet Rummager

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Karina Pinella has an extraordinary short story published in this anthology…



  1. Mr. Jones and that cane. What a freak. Takes two to tango, though.
    Great collaboration, and I’m a huge fan of the wicked apple illustration. Sometimes I wish I could get tattoos of your art all over my body.

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  2. Sorry, I’m so late, I’ve been away for a while… This is just excellent work… like a painting where everything needed is inside the behold and each part tells its story. I need to work on my images for they pale in comparison to yours. Thx. jc

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey thanks for the Like & follow on my ZodiacImmortal blog.
    I write poems as well (look in the side bar and on my Miss Musings blog I have my poems posted. You can find them easiest in the Archive tab at top.

    Not a fan of Haikus but I think I wrote one on why I don’t like them… lol (but I don’t have it up yet as I am still in the process of finalizing I think that one (trying to figure out the right font to use and if any an image

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