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Six Haiku Poems: Thou Shalt Not Steal

I grabbed the apple. From the neighbor’s tree, it hung- too ripe to ignore. I see you there, thief. Mr. Jones’ silhouette flinched. He grasped his cane tight. Oh, this juicy treat! Where… Continue reading

Apple of Discord

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)   I hear you calling and I shut down. You tug at my elbow. Pretending not to feel you – yet dying when you leave me alone.… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Safety at a Cost

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)   He looked over the fence and saw endless grass and flowers. At a short distance, flattened against a rock, a rattle snake tasted the air with… Continue reading

Sweet Deceit

She plucked the apple He bit it; luscious and sweet Watching, the snake smiled

On Par

Was she staring at him? Feeling panicked, he hastily pulled on his jacket. He could feel the skin on his arms shrink from the fabric. I have no other choice, he whispered, trying… Continue reading