Cover Me

Photograph by Graham Stephen.
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Cover me
within the earth,
place me deep.
I won’t feel pain.
I won’t bleed.
*Mortalità inevitabile.
Cover me.
I’ll shed my skin.
One life ends –
another begins.
Cover me.
Don’t mourn.
I’ll still go on
in petals of flowers,
in roots of trees,
in blades of grass,
I’ll break free.
Won’t take anything
where I’m going,
so I’ll leave my eyes
with the last visions
of your smile.
Cover me.

*Mortalità inevitabile is “inevitable mortality” in Italian.

My poetry was inspired by Tale Told’s beautiful poem dedicated to June.

I took my chance to say goodbye.
I hold the hope we’ll say hello
when I myself someday will fly,
and to my final home will go.

Click HERE to visit Doc at Tale Told.


  1. Your poem reminds me of times in a different place, growing where we’d pack up the car visit the various cemeteries around the city. Your dark and alluring words bring me back to a simpler time where our curiosity about such deep matters deepened into the metaphysical.

    I’m heading home in a few weeks and this is a wonderful taste of what’s to come.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm. Will you be visiting cemeteries? I enjoy looking at the old gravestones. Some of the carvings are amazing. Will you be writing about your visits? I hope you’re enjoying your trip! Thank you for your reflective words. I love seeing where my poem leads the reader’s thoughts. ❤️


    • Many thanks, dear Kate, for your thoughtful words! I haven’t forgotten your other lovely photos and plan to start another series in a couple of weeks. Much love and hugs. xoxo


  2. Beautiful poem and beautiful words. 😍

    We have no choice but accepting mortality, and even so it is so hard to be done by many of us. Art is the very best form to accept mortality since through it we become immortal. As you’ve written, our physical vessel becomes one with nature, it keeps living. Then, our real self is our spirit that truly dies. Except, we’ve left shards from it in art that may feed other spirits. So, accepting mortality is the way to become immortal. 😌

    Again, it’s a beautifully read and framed poem. 🌹🌹🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love your interpretation of my poem and am touched you took the time to comment. Accepting mortality is the first step in believing that we do live on. Beautiful.

      Thank you and may you find joy in the New Year! 🎉💋🎊

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