With My Pen


With my pen, I can make you disappear.
Your name would be erased from all my stories.
Your face would be but a shadow – featureless and smudged.
Words once yours would be left to ripen and spoil on trees.

And your smile that once charmed me completely?
It would fade so fast, meticulously cleaned away
like mold on the grout, in between my kitchen tiles.
Mr. Clean would be so proud of me.

Your kisses would be tougher to eradicate.
Those lips which could claim mine with such precision
and vigor; leaving me whimpering and disheveled.
Yes, it would be difficult to forget those lips.

(Photo by freeimages.com)


  1. With enough ink, and enough scribbling — you can make many things disappear. Sure, sure — a black smudge may remain, but it beats looking at spoiled memories. Plus: Mr. Clean is very good at removing unwanted stains.

    Do you still use a pen? Or do you usually type your work?

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  2. What I enjoyed about this poem was the way you shared with the reader the nearly omnipotent power possessed with the almighty pen and the Achilles heal unrecognized by this writer as the emotions and intimate details of the past experience resurface. It is a lesson in power, self awareness and the illogical illuminating power found in deep emotions . Phenomenal!!!!

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