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Into Gray

Photograph by Rich Finck – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!   Clouds drifting over blue skies transform a vibrant day into gray. Love, that once was spring, with new buds… Continue reading

Ice Cold

This belongs to you. She was ice cold as she tossed back his wretched heart.   (Photo from freeimages.com)

Shards of Ice

  He possessed her. Keeping her in his heart – locking her there with shards of ice.  

With My Pen

With my pen, I can make you disappear. Your name would be erased from all my stories. Your face would be but a shadow – featureless and smudged. Words once yours would be… Continue reading


In his prison cell, iron bars and chains were forged when she broke his heart.   *Amazing photo by Francis of Qhapaq ❤

All the Other Tools

It ended in the shed down in the woods where daddy keeps his tools.   Mama was crying. I saw her through the window. Her face wet with tortured tears.   She twisted… Continue reading