Into Gray

Photograph by Rich Finck – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!



Clouds drifting over blue skies transform a vibrant day into gray.

Love, that once was spring, with new buds flowering, has wilted in the wind.

The sun’s rays once warm on my skin, leaves me with indifference.

Where do you find beauty when your soul no longer has a home?

It flitters in your heart; restless and alone – unsure of where to go.

Places once warm are now iced over; frigid and cold.

You seek to find the fire, yet only frost with its tenacious hold,

clings to you as you shiver, for winter has taken over.


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  1. apart from your beautiful poetry, I must admit that I also love your exchange of poetic comments with sheldon..its just beautiful at how two wonderful writers could just write such beautiful random thoughts. ..

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  2. A terrific poem Rose.

    “Where do you find beauty when your
    soul no longer has a home?”
    A wonderful line.

    Oh, you have a lovely speaking voice as well. ☺️

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      • Your pronunciation wasn’t rushed and I was able to clearly understand the words. Was this your fifth spoken word?

        Sunshine…oops! Gotta go change. Haha. Just kidding. A local bear caused me to look angry in my last profile photograph.

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        • Haha! I just thought overall, I was a bit speedy, but if you can understand each word, then I won’t stress about it.

          Hmm. A bear would make me look scared and not angry. Your expression was probably the ideal one to have, since the bear steered clear of Mr. Angry. Your shirt is cool with the turquoise trim and on your cuffs. So fashionisto! 😊

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          • Well…you don’t want to be too slow, right? Or your voice may come across as robotic, which it never has.

            My angry and scared expressions are identical. Lucky me. The bear(s) strip bark from trees, and I’m pretty sure they’re trying to intimidate dog walkers. Turquoise is the way of the future.

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  3. It is a very seasonal poem, Rose. I haven’t seen any rain for so long, but soon it will be nothing else but rain. When love is fading away, indifference sets in. When the sun is gone, melancholy and irritation frequent our forecast. Our soul needs a warm home, and colors.

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