Monster Masquerade – Will You Be My Friend?


Will You Be My Friend?
(By –FlyTrapMan–)

I’m smelly, mean, and hairy,
Claws, black eyes, twisted horn and an open maw.
Drooling puss—the stuff nightmares are made from.
All the little kids call me: monster scary.
I advise only looking at my back.
Ugly from the start.
Trust me—

My face will give you a heart-attack.
I once had friends, but last fall,
Something happened…
…Just a little hungry…
I ate them all.

No one will play with me.
They point, look, and whisper.
What? Is it my twisting tail? My tattered wings?
No one will tell me! Because of my last killing spree.
Come play in my room! Don’t mind the mess, or the human bone.
Shhh…if you listen closely…

The ghosts of my friends—
Moan and groan.
Who will be my next friend…you?
We can play checkers! We’ll have so much fun!
Come on in!
If you don’t mind your skin turning a little blue.

*Silly-funny poem & image by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit and follow his blog).



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