Monster Masquerade – The Jack O’ Lantern Gone Mad


The Jack O’ Lantern Gone Mad
By Seeing The Whisper

The fog drifts slowly, creeping mysteriously over hallowed grounds.

The resting home of the dead was filled with scary sounds.

There is this Jack’o’Lantern and the cemetery is his home.

He has been there since 1784, and decides this is where he will roam

To those who walk bravely in the cemetery at night.

The Jack’o’Lantern will give you such an eerie fright.

Ghost friends create mischief with him too,

Their hair stands up with just one blood curdling boo.

A cat with raised hackles sits on a tombstone with a hiss.

And a zombie out from a grave wildly shakes his fist.

Around in the cemetery in circles flies a wicked witch,

Her cackle loud enough with a high piercing pitch.

A spider web might be cast upon a face or two.

The web is icky and will stick to you like glue.

Jack’ o’ Lantern’s smile was up and not down.

Now, not a pleasant smile but only a frightening frown.

The Jack O’ Lantern throws flames only to have fun.

He laughs in a frenzy watching people wildly run.

If he saw that their clothes were not singed and blackened scorched,

He would bite them if they dared come onto the rickety old porch!

If that did not work he would stand on his feet

And chase them all screaming, running down the street.

If ever on Halloween you are in a cemetery and lean over onto a grave,

Dare to be frightened or dare to be brave.

It is only one night throughout all the years.

You have nothing to be scared of – perhaps only your fears.

Remember: The Jack’o’Lantern lives for Halloween.

This is the night he could be nastier, nastier and chillingly mean.

At one time he was a good pumpkin – this is so sad.

One day he snapped his lid and went absolutely mad.
Halloween poem by Seeing The Whisper (Click here to visit and follow his blog).



**FlyTrapMan is co-hosting this FUN event on his blog, as well!
(Click here to visit and follow his blog!)


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