Monster Masquerade: Don’t Look Under The Bed


Don’t Look Under The Bed
By FlyTrapMan

The sun vanished. Night arrived.
I shiver.
My sleep is deprived.

Oh…just the crickets…it’s nothing.
Scratch Scratch Scratch
…Wait! I think I hear something!

My mommy kisses me and cures my fright,
She even checks my closet—
And whispers: “everything is alright.”

I never recalled my carpet being red.
But it’s been like that ever since my father has been dead—
There’s a monster underneath my bed!

Sheets pulled over my eyes.
I repeat to myself: “everything is alright.”
Every kid soon learns—those words are simply lies.

The floorboards cry.
And they whisper,
“You’re about to die.”

Heavy breathing.
The monster is near.
No need to see—hearing is believing.

Heart pounds in my chest.
A jagged claw glides against my bed—
Reminding me of my final rest.

A shadow eclipses me—my prayers—I read.
Scratch Scratch Scratch
Soon I’m going to bleed.

My bones quake.
Jagged claws upon my back.
They dig, drag, and rake.

I open my eyes—my fate is cruel and sinister.
…”Oh! It’s only you”…
Just my damn little sister!

*Scary-funny poem & image by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit and follow his blog).


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