Monster Masquerade


Calling all monsters! Are you a freak? A demon? An unimaginable thing from between the stars?….a machete wielding maniac?

Perhaps a crazed doctor…reanimating unfortunate individuals?

Monster Masquerade opens its claws and welcomes you!

Do you have a monstrous expression that will make everyone run for their lives?

• Poems
• Photographs
• Paintings
• Movies
• Doodles
• Sculptures
• Homemade Masks / Costumes / Make-up
• Decorations
• Jewelry
• Knitting / Crochet
• Fashion
• Food

If you created a monster – Co-hosts FlytrapMan and Poet Rummager want to see it! Add a little electricity…make it come to life!!! :

• Create your vision of a monster.
• Post it on your blog.
• Post your link in this comment section for your work to be featured on this blog.
• Scare everyone!

** Be sure to let everyone know about Monster Masquerade**

• Include: “Monster Masquerade” in the title or description

Monster Masquerade raises hell on October 21, 2015—and will cease to exist after Halloween 2015.


*Cool Concept Title Card and Introduction by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit and follow his blog!) FlyTrapMan is co-hosting this FUN event on his blog, as well!.


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