On Mended Wings



You had clipped my wings.

I couldn’t fly. They mended,

then I flew from you.


(photo from freeimages.com)


  1. Whether it’s fear or love or a combination, preventing the “flight” of those you care for can be physically and emotionally damaging to all involved. A relationship (parent/child or significant others) built on trust, honesty, integrity and love would encourage flight to heighten the senses and expand one’s universe for growth and improved self awareness. A relationship built from these traits would never have to fear loneliness for every minute that each individual heart beats is a moment shared by both bodies. To restrain weakens these beating hearts.

    Well written from a person who understands the importance of freedom and love.

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  2. Yea, very good Haiku, gosh..yes to make that flight can be harrowing for the fear of the unknown or equally scary, the fear of tearing yourself free..I love your photo of the bird with the clipped wing…sadly, some of us stay clipped forever..it just does not mend again and soaring is out of the question. xx
    I am now a fan and follower and shall rummage around your site at my leisure to uncover more gems

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    • Oh, thank you, Paula! I believe I’m following your blog, as well but will double check. Yes, please do visit! I use a lot of Fly’s photos with my work, so you may recognize some of his amazing macro shots.

      Thank you and welcome.
      xo, Rose

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