Monster Masquerade – It Roared


It Roared
(By Poet Rummager)

In a forest dark and moonless, something terrifying crept out of the ground.
It moaned and growled – dispersing animals far and wide as it made a horrendous sound.

On barks of trees, it left its mark; for it flayed long and deadly claws.
The creature roared and tore off clumps of its fur with anger and remorse.

It bellowed in desperation; its wails piercing for miles around.
Legs, the size of trees, lumbered loudly and shook the ground.

From a distance, a little roar was heard.
The tremendous creature’s ears prickled and towards the roar, it spurred.

Making soft, cooing noises, monster mom cradled her tiny babe
as they happily sunk and slithered back into the cold, damp earth.

*Cool concept title card by FlyTrapMan who’s also co-hosting this fun event.
(Click here to visit and follow his blog!)



  1. Plenty of moms will relate to this one. At first I thought you were writing this about my mom, but then I re-read the title. My fault, I misread it. Your title is “IT ROARED”; I thought it read, “IT SNORED”. Even in a monster poem the reader is going to say, “Ahhhhh” at the end! πŸ™‚

    You have such wonderful diversity in your writing. You cover all gamuts will style.

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