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Three Haiku Poems – Don’t Feed Them (For Ryn)

I smile as they starve. Their bones protruding from skin. I’m hungry, they scream. I watch them grow small. Not one crumb from me again. They hunger for pain. I’ve dug them a… Continue reading

Tear Free

    The ghost of my past won’t let me be. It clutches and makes me stare at all the scary memories. Close your eyes, you say as you pull me into your… Continue reading

Heart Attack

  Her heart in armor ready to fight and conquer the villain in her.   (Photo from freeimages.com)   As a gift to you, my twisted ebook, Warped ~ Historic & Fictional Relationships… Continue reading


*Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   She stood in front of him. Her shield on the ground. Unguarded thoughts tumbling. He listened without interrupting. Words cutting through the fog, and for the first time he… Continue reading


Grounded for so long, she unfurled wings; shaking dust, doubts away and soared.   (Photo by Freeimages.com)


She sheared his long hair Waking, he stumbled and fell Delilah! He screamed *This amazing and one-of-a-kind pair of scissors is available in my ebay store. Please see my About page for the… Continue reading