Oxygen Deprived

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–

Ceased circulation

restricted air to all things.

Thinkers now extinct.


This haiku was inspired by the creative and beguiling
Scooj and his poem, “State Employment.” 



  1. Oh , excellent haiku, glad to see Mr Fly’s photos serving again and blow, just joined a ‘Deep Thinkers Group’ …must be the end of the line, the last thinkers..not sure if they will accept me though! xx

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    • Yes, I do enjoy Fly’s photographs and will try to use them more frequently. I’ll have to choose one of my fave ones of yours, too. “Deep Thinkers Group,” huh? Sounds very profound. xo


  2. The haiku is thought provoking, true and frightening. I had to wait until I read FTM’s comment before commenting myself…thank goodness the (amazing) photo is a flower. Because of your words, I thought it might be cyanotic skin…never know with you two. 😉

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