Five Haiku Poems – Love Bugs (For Zoe)


A Love Bug bit me!
Its toxin flows in my veins –
Making me dizzy.

Insane in the brain.
Body is fevered and blushed –
Skin drenched and teeth clenched.

Longing to be crushed –
Hearts pounding as we embrace.
Please don’t make it stop!

Madness mars my face.
Animal with pure instinct –
Brash and unrefined.

I growl from this pain –
Savaging you in my mind.
Want so fierce I faint…

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A Word From Zoe Wall

My name is Zoe Wall and I live in Big Bear California, but am originally from the North East of England.

I’m a HUGE monster nerd, and a fan of bugs and creepy crawlies. JarAssic Mini Monsters was formed when I decided to create a whole menagerie of weird little monsters that combine these loves. I design and needle felt each little monster with its own personality. I also design and crochet cup cozies that just ooze character. I think that everybody needs a little quirkiness!

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