Chimerical Lake (For Eilidh)

Painting by Eilidh Morris

I’ll drink from a chimerical lake,
let fantasies swirl inside,
surge joy into a stagnant heart
once cloaked in melancholy skies.
I’ll feel the rush of the wind
stretch sails taut and tight.
Guide me to safe harbor
with your hand at the rudder –
captain of my heart,
helmsman of my night.

Video by Poet Rummager

A Word From Eilidh Morris

Eilidh Morris is a Scottish visual artist living in Dundee. They predominately create paintings and drawings which vary greatly in style and content, often with expressive colour use and an organic imaginative process. They have a strong passion for making art involving fantasy and surrealism, nature and animals, realism and portraiture, and quirky original characters. Eilidh has always lived in a fantasy world having grown up with a love of reading and writing fiction, which they still pursue alongside their painting. They reside inside a curious and imaginative mind interested in all things weird and bizarre and hopes to never leave.

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  1. Excellent painting and poem, lovely words. The title reminds me of home and the chemical skied over the river from the factories. Like a painting by Van Gogh. It is weird to feel and see the beauty of something that can do great harm.

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    • I was thinking, JC, that a couple of Eilidh’s paintings had a Van Gogh-esque quality to them,.She truly is talented. Hmm. Here in the state of Washington, the fires from British Columbia have made our air hazy and a danger to people with allergies. I rather think the haziness is lovely; ethereal, but it has made a few people sick and has triggered allergies/asthma. Beauty can be deceiving.

      Thank you for your kind words and visit! I appreciate it a lot. πŸ™‚


      • Busy week Rose….the whole family just started a project..i am sure you are aware that here in the Philippines we people who can barely afford to buy their basic necessities as our way of giving all of our blessings we opened a grocery store which sells really affordable goods…our goal is to bring affordable goods to the less fortunate ones…and it has been a success so far…its not earning much but enough to cover up the salary of the staff and other operating expenses…

        Liked by 1 person

        • You run a grocery store? That’s so cool. I know you have a generous heart, but take care that you’re also being generous to yourself and your family. It’s good to be kind. I admire your attitude…. just take care of yourself, too, my friend. xo


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