In the Dwindling Light

Photo by Derrick J. Knight

Hatchet Pond sunset 6


As the sun dips down,

the last rays reach out –

making the water glisten

as they kiss the day goodbye.


The last notes of the nightingale,

clinging to the dwindling light,

strike a bittersweet lullaby.


Sleepy moths catch quick naps

before their nightly flights

toward the moon’s irresistible glow.


The dimming sunlight caresses

the birds’ nests; warming the eggs

one final time before the mothers

return home to doze.


The sun now sinks ever so low

as wolves prepare for the arrival

of the full moon.

They cannot wait to howl their hello.


The photograph above is by Derrick J. Knight (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤


  1. I really liked the atmosphere of this poem. My favorite bit was about the sleepy moths. I understand their exhaustion. It’s a hard job trying to fly to the moon when you’re only a couple of inches long.

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