Tug of War

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–


Say you’ll stay even if I tell you to go.

There are strings attached to my soul.

They pull me one way and then the other –

like an endless tug of war.

Yanking reason from side to side,

I say things to hurt you –

that’s when I know you’re mine.




As a gift to you, my twisted ebook, Warped ~ Historic & Fictional Relationships Gone Bad, will be **Available for FREE to download this Christmas! **

Author: Rose Perez (Poet Rummager)
Photographs and Book Trailer by: Matt W. Childs (FlyTrapMan)


  1. So if you get angry and say hurtful things but the other person stays anyway, you feel reassured that the person loves you. Is that how it works? I’m really bad at working out affairs of the heart like this. (My wife will vouch for me. I’m pretty useless.)

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  2. The only ones in life that should be on the receiving end of painful emotions are those worth emoting over. In reality, most of us spend countless time wasting our healthy emotions on those who bring no meaning or value to our lives. Your words are meaningful to me as is your friendship. I like the message.

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