She spun her web around him –
entrapping him as he slept.

Every night she sipped a bit of him –
draining his will to ever resist.

Is it love that keeps him home –
or deficiency in his blood?


*Photo from Freeimages.com


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  1. I just finished reading your book. It won’t be the last time I read it, or the last time I purchase it. It wasn’t what I expected at all, but I was thrilled. Just beautiful. Thank you so much.

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  2. Is it arachnoid week? I must have missed the memo. I have decided to answer your question, “Is it love that keeps him home – or deficiency in his blood?” After a thorough examination including vitals, complete blood chem profile, manogram (I like to be thorough), and doppler ultrasound, I have concluded it was a combination blood born pathogen, fibrocystic changes in his manly possession, arterial plaque in the common carotid creating a clear state of hypoxia (decreased oxygen to the brain causing a state of fatigue) and finally and most importantly a clear case of “LOVE” and adoration. He chose to remain and offer himself as proof of his love! She, however, might want to reconsider based on all the findings that went undetected until Dr. Colter was called on the scene. πŸ™‚

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